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About Us

Who we are:

First Hydro is a nationally recognized hydroponics equipment retailer and a brand first established in North Hollywood, California back in 2016. Since day one, First Hydro has been providing high quality hydroponics equipment, HID and LED lighting, plant nutrients, substrates and media, and other cultivation tools supplies to commercial and hobby cultivators.

What our Mission is:

Since our 2016 inception in North Hollywood, California our mission has always been to deliver the latest technology, knowledgeable advice and service excellence to help our customers cultivate success. Always providing our customers and business partners with convenient access to the best products they will need through local retail outlets and e-commerce platforms.
We firmly believe that to grow our company, we need to grow our industry and the individuals that make it an industry. We’re working with growers, suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, the hydroponics community and a number of other key players to drive efficiency and value through every facet of the business.

Our team:

At First Hydro, our products are just as important as our team. With products, you have the tools that you need; with our team, you have the knowledge that is required.

Our team of industry veterans are available to serve you 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We are experienced internet sellers and understand the time sensitive needs of growers and their gardens.

Each team member is an expert in the field. Being passionate about all things indoor gardening is vital and can help you with getting started and approaching hydroponics through intelligent solutions. They’ll show you how to streamline, upgrade and improve your indoor garden. With over 3,000 unique items, we have the solution for every crop.